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Don’t feed your problems with thoughts, starve them with action

Don’t feed your problems with thoughts, starve them with action

If you want to feed a problem, keep thinking about it.
If you want to starve a problem, take action.
Most of the harm starts in your mind, with you and your thoughts.
Most of the solutions start with a decision, courage, and action.


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Your Self Love Must Be Stronger Than Your Desire To Be Loved

Your Self Love Must Be Stronger Than Your Desire To Be Loved

If you are not happy now there is no amount of followers, likes or positive social media comments that will make you happy. External vadidarion isn't happiness it's an hamster's wheel.

Valdiation is an inside job. If you are truly happy you won't feel the need to shoe the world that you ar...


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You are always responsible for your emotional reactions:

If you get angry and say “X thing made me angry”, you will get angry often.

If you get angry and say: “I made myself angry because of X thing” you will get angry less often.

If you realize that, you’ll have the power to control it. If you don’t, you’ll spend your life triggered easil...


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You have nothing to “find”:

You have nothing to “find”:

“Finding yourself” is a pop culture lie.
“Finding your passion” is a pop culture lie. “Finding your soulmate” is a pop culture lie.
These pop culture lies, and the perfection they promise us, if we would only keep searching, stop us from working through the natural challenges within our car...


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04 Life has an algorithm too:

Just like social media has algorithms to give you more of what you’re interested in, life has an algorithm that gives you more of what
you’re thinking about and focusing on. You can train your algorithm to make you more anxious, worried, or insecure by focusing on negative things.
You can t...


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I have total faith in you.Make use of your strengths,And lean into your greatness.Do it with courage,And surprise us all! Connect with me on instagram @the.appiness

These are the things i learnt from someone that changed my life. I believe so can you.

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Once you've identified the goal that you want to achieve, start thinking about the things you need to do to reach it.

Take a couple of hours to brainstorm some solutions to your problems and try to talk to your manager about these solutions you've come up with.

Feed your mind

What you feed your mind is what you become. So give your mind the most nutritious content possible.

Read biographies of great people who have achieved amazing things and endured massive challenges. This will help you put your own life into perspective and gain insight. 

Describe, don’t define

Describe, don’t define

Good problem-solving starts with an accurate description of the situation. Not with a definition.

If you start defining the problem (for e.g, calling it an “accounting problem” or a “marketing problem”) you define the range of solutions that you will consider.

So, ...

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