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Flow’s 10 Core Characteristics

1. Action and Awareness Merge. The doer and the doing become one. From the perspective of consciousness, we become the action. In other words, actions feel automatic and require little or no additional resources.

2. Selflessness. Our sense of self disappears. Our sense of self-consciousness as well. The inner critic is silenced.

3. Timelessness. We experience an altered perception of time. Past and future disappear and we are plunged into an eternal present, a deep now.


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FAQs on Flow

FAQs on Flow


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

The process of flow was discovered and coined by the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In the 1960s, Csikszentmihalyi studied the creative process and found that, when an artist was in the course of flow, they would persist at their task relentlessly, regardless of hunger or fatigue. He also found that the artist would lose interest after the project was completed, highlighting the importance of the process and not the end result.

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  1. Intense concentration on the task at hand.
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