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VENUS - The Acid Giant

VENUS - The Acid Giant

Also known as the evil twin planet, it is mainly 67 million miles away from the Sun. The Venus has gravity which 100 times as if the Earth, if so any human steps onto the planet, it will get squashed immediately.

The planet is well-known for its appearance due to the presence of Sulphuric Acid clouds, also the wind speeds are same as of to the Earth that is 224 mph.


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Size and distance

Size and distance

With a radius of 3,760 miles (6,052 kilometers), Venus is roughly the same size as Earth — just slightly smaller.

From an average distance of 67 million miles (108 million kilometers), Venus is 0.7 astronomical units away from the Sun. One astronomical unit (abbreviated as AU), is the dista...



Venus is the second planet from the Sun and our closest planetary neighbor. 

Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus spins slowly in the opposite direction from most planets. 

Its thick atmosphere traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect, making it the hottest planet in our sol...

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Orbit and rotation

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