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Find Your Priorities

Find Your Priorities

Caring less doesn’t mean negligence. To care less about inconsequential matters, you need to zero in on what is worth caring for. Consider taking stock of to-do list items and obligations and asking if these responsibilities make your day feel more spacious or more confined. Does it nourish your sense of creativity? Is it the best use of your time and talent? Does it make you feel exhausted? Do you want to spend your time and energy on this?

 If you feel compelled to care about something out of fear or wanting to be accepted by others, it may not be worth placing emphasis on it.


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  1. Have a List – Many people say, “I know what I have to get done.” But, they don’t have a list. Until you have written your tasks down and compared them against each other, it is difficult to have a clear picture of what is truly important.
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