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Social Influence or Relativeness

Social Influence or Relativeness

We play the same video games that our friends play so having a community that supports you and helps you when you face challenges is very important.


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How I Make Work Fun

How I Make Work Fun

Ali Abdaal

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One thing I especially liked is the Octalysis Framework. Wow I enjoyed this!

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The importance of self-care in productivity

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Not seeking social support

Not seeking social support

Social support mean having friends and loved ones that you can turn to for support. Research has found that perceived social support plays an important role in subjective well-being. 

For example, one study found that perceptions of social support were responsible for 43% of a perso...

Schadenfreude and social status

Raising your social status feels good because when we do it, it triggers the pleasure-creating reward pathways in our brain. The inverse is also true; studies have shown that having a very low social status is very stressful, and bad for your wellbeing.

But because ...

Technology Is Not A Drug

Many studies link tech addiction (like playing video games) to cocaine, or methamphetamine usage, as it stimulates the same pleasure centres of the brain.

The dopamine release is blamed for the addiction, but research shows that video games release far less dopamine than drugs, approximat...

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