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How I Make Work Fun
How I Make Work Fun
How I Make Work Fun


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How I Make Work Fun

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When you are having fun, you want to do work; you don't need to give yourself discipline or gain motivation or create some fake reward; instead, you enjoy doing the things you need to do, thus making work more enjoyable. This video is based on the book Gamification.


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Octalysis Framework

8 Core drivers that video games tap into and if we understand what it is then we can understand how we can implement it into our day to day life. Thus making life better.


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Epic and Meaning

Make whatever you need to do have meaning and joy for you. The reason for this is that if you truly believe  in it then it will be much easier to actually complete it.


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When you level up and get better it makes whatever you are doing feel much better.

People play video games to get better when we can see ourselves improving it makes us want to do more and get better. Have checkpoints or ways that you can see yourself improving.


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Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback

  • How can I be more creative with this?
  • How can I gain more feedback


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It has been studied that when you feel like you own something you take better care and cherish that thing significantly more. So any project that you are working on even if you don't like it. View it as YOUR project that YOU are responsible for and try to do your best to make it a good representation of you. 


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Social Influence or Relativeness

We play the same video games that our friends play so having a community that supports you and helps you when you face challenges is very important.


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One thing I especially liked is the Octalysis Framework. Wow I enjoyed this!