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Don't Use Authenticity as an Excuse to Be Cruel

Observe, absorb, and learn

Pay attention around you as you work on first knowing, then working on yourself.

  • What happens when you let your best loose?
  • When are you better and restraining the bad?
  • How are people responding to your efforts to refine your ugly?
  • Are there ways to better express the good, take responsibility for the bad and tweak the ugly?

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    Personal Or Core Values

    They are what you consider most important in your life, literally what you “value. ” They are broad concepts that can be applied across a wide range of circumstances, as opposed to narrow answers t...

    The Benefits Of Having a Core Value
    • Having a core values list helps you make better decisions. The decisions you make come more quickly and efficiently than they would without it.
    • Being unconscious of your core values makes you likely to keep repeating the same mistakes.
    Creating a List Of Personal Values

    The core values that are most valuable to each of us come from our own personal experience, not from being taught.

    As you put them into practice you’ll get better at internalizing these values and they’ll express themselves subconsciously with smaller decisions, as well.

    Finding happiness at work

    Not only is it possible to find happiness at work, but that doing so is unambiguously good. 

    Happier employees do better on all fronts, from day-to-day health to productivi...

    Portrait of people who are happy in life
    • They have an easy time feeling good and recovering from adversity
    • they have close, supportive social connections
    • they believe that their presence in the world matters.
    4 key pillars of happiness at work
    1. Purpose. Our purpose is a reflection of our core values, and we feel more purposeful at work when our everyday behaviors and decisions are aligned with those values.
    2. Engagement. Prioritise some fun. Take ownership of decisions that affects you. Adopt a flow at work.
    3. Resilience. The ability to handle, adapt to, and productively learn from setbacks, failures, and disappointments.
    4. Kindness. Being kind at work involves treating others with dignity and respect, extending empathy and compassion, practicing gratitude, and constructively managing conflicts.
    Abraham Maslow And The Hierarchy Of Needs
    Abraham Maslow And The Hierarchy Of Needs

    Abraham Maslow, the famous psychologist, had worked on a theory that linked self-actualization to spirituality and self-transcendence.

    His Hierarchy Of Needs Pyra...

    Ten Characteristics Of Self-Actualization
    1. Continued appreciations of the same objects, events and circumstances.
    2. Acceptance of one’s quirks and desires.
    3. Maintaining authenticity and dignity.
    4. Maintaining equanimity towards life’s inevitable ups and downs.
    5. Having a purpose in life.
    6. Pursuing the real, unadulterated truth about people and nature.
    7. A genuine desire to help mankind.
    8. Having internal peak experiences, opening new dimensions of the mind.
    9. Having a conscience.
    10. Being a creative spirit while doing any kind of action.
    Self-Actualization: From Darkness To Light

    Self-Actualization is an internal struggle that one must take by leaning towards stability and our higher goals while minimizing disruption from distracting thoughts and impulses (disruptive impulsivity).

    One also has to look out for oneself to not fall in the dark abyss of negativity and doubt, apart from feeling directionless or meaningless.