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Hard-Kicked Zones

Quadrant 2 is the most prestigious zone, unlike Quadrant 4 people end up hustling on their work deadlines and losing the leadership impressions.


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An inevitable search for Attitude, Psychology and Startups

Habit #3 : Put First Things First

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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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Understanding the importance of decision-making

Identifying biases that affect decision-making

Analyzing the potential outcomes of a decision

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The 4 Kinds of Priorities

The 4 Kinds of Priorities

The Decision Matrix on how to approach tasks has 4 quadrants:

  • Quadrant 1: The Urgent Problems which are important.
  • Quadrant 2: Not Urgent but important tasks
  • Quadrant 3: Urgent but not really important
  • Quadrant  4: Distractions and time-w...

Eisenhower Priority Matrix

The priority matrix allows you to look through your to-do list and categorize based on their urgency and importance.

  • Quadrant 1 - Urgent and important. This is anything due soon or overdue. See what can be automated or delegated.
  • Quadrant 2 - Not urgent and import...

The 5 Zones of Productivity

The 5 Zones of Productivity

  • Desire Zone. Where your passion and proficiency intersect. Here is where you make your most significant contributions.
  • Distraction Zone. Things you are passionate about but have little proficiency for.
  • Disinterest Zone. Th...

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