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•Anyone who wants to live a more meaningful life

•Anyone who has a great idea, but is afraid to share it with the world

•Anyone troubled by feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability


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The Purpose Driven Gen Z Advocate & Digital Catalyst who helps Businesses and People Skyrocket in Life by Transcending the Conventional.

It is only when we begin to recognize that our true human potential goes far beyond leading successful personal and professional lives, that we realize the enormous importance of Kundalini awakening. Very few people realize that it is possible to live constantly in a state of totally expanded awareness and joy which we achieve when we become one with the Divine. It is only when Kundalini is awakened that we can begin to experience the infinite freedom of a human being. -Baba Muktananada

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How to Feel Better About Yourself

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How to practice self-compassion

How to identify and challenge negative self-talk

How to build self-confidence

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Being vulnerable can serve as a litmus test

When you share your vulnerability with someone, and that person cares about your vulnerability, that is the person to go with.

By risking getting hurt, we often find we create more meaningful interactions that increase our ability to be resilient.

Being vulnerable expands your world

Being vulnerable expands your world

  • Vulnerability is so much easier when you love yourself. You'll be less afraid of rejection, you step right into that place of openness.
  • Vulnerability takes practice. Life continues to give opportunities to consciously choose openness.
  • The rewards of vulnerab...

A meaningful life is a way of living that’s not only happy and fulfilled but also has significance and impact. The Meaningful life is about having a sense of purpose.

A meaningful life is a way of living that gives you more joy, purpose and fulfillment. When you live a meaningful life, ever...

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