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Authenticity is a choice that requires courage, compassion and connection.

Most people would like to live a life that is true to who they are; in other words, we'd like to be as authentic as possible.

Unfortunately, a handful of factors stand in the way: for example, a lack of self-confidence or pressure to conform. As a result, we feel we are inauthentic people, too weak to live honestly.

But this is simply untrue!


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The Purpose Driven Gen Z Advocate & Digital Catalyst who helps Businesses and People Skyrocket in Life by Transcending the Conventional.

It is only when we begin to recognize that our true human potential goes far beyond leading successful personal and professional lives, that we realize the enormous importance of Kundalini awakening. Very few people realize that it is possible to live constantly in a state of totally expanded awareness and joy which we achieve when we become one with the Divine. It is only when Kundalini is awakened that we can begin to experience the infinite freedom of a human being. -Baba Muktananada

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Honoring Authenticity

In a world that pressures us to conform to society's standards, it's easy to lose sight of our true selves.

To find fulfillment, we must honor our authenticity and stay true to our core values.

  • Stay true to who you are

Authenticity matters

People prefer to pay the full price for an authentic luxury item over a fake one (even if they look identical).

Researchers found that this desire for authenticity develops in childhood. The sentimentality of the item is part of the reason. If you treat yourself by buying a fake brand, it ...

When people feel most authentic

Everyone wants to be their true self, not a follower of social expectations.

Most people think authenticity is acting by following your individual set of values and qualities. But research shows that people feel most authentic when they conform to a particular set of socially approved qual...

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