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The Science of Fear

  • Fear is intertwined with ecstasy, and for some it’s the difference between living and simply existing.
  • True creativity and fear go hand in hand.
  • They require you to push yourself, to step away from your familiar thought patterns into unknown territory, often a scary feat in itself.
  • Fear is an incredibly powerful force when it comes to connecting ideas and audiences.


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Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

  • And just as a good brand makes an emotional connection with consumers, successful celebrities do the same.
  • Authenticity is the key.
  • Show your flaws.
  • Science proves that conformity is the slowest form of suicide.
  • Group of diverse thinkers leads everyone to see ...


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Intimacy is everything

  • Nearly seven in ten young people describe their relationships with YouTube celebrities as intimate and personal.
  • Today’s fans are more likely to be engaged and excited by someone who can make them laugh and inspire empathy—and if they happen to be hot, well, that’s gravy.
  • It’...


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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.



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Perfectly Imperfect

  • Psychologist Elliot Aronson’s famous “Pratfall” experiment demonstrates that most men, and many women, actually like people more when they behave imperfectly.
  • Selfies are a snapshot both of our immediate sense of ourselves—“ I feel hot right now”—and our deeper truths—“ but I also fe...


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Be Different

  • Surprise your audience by simply being different.
  • Today, audiences judge you on your personal moral code and whether you put your unique self—or the opinions of others—first. They respond to people with a point of view, people who stand for something original, whether they agree or d...


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“Fear gives you that extra energy that gets 110 percent out of you.”



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Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.



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If you’re thinking like everyone else then you’re not thinking.



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What we learn with pleasure we never forget.



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Keeping It Real

  • Research shows that when consumers participate in the process of creating and personalizing a product, they generate a greater sense of intimacy with that product and are more likely to buy it
  • Customizing a product and being involved in the design process also gives audiences more co...


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Good,bad Or Ugly

  • Leader’s job was to set a vision and align people with it.
  • Show people your passion.
  • We talk about leaders like Trump and celebrities like Angelina not because they’re better or sexier than the competition but because they are who they are—good, bad, or ugly.
  • But toda...


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Diversity Makes Ideas Innovative

  • Surround yourself with truly different minds, and you’ll come up with the greatest set of solutions.
  • Don’t fool yourself into believing imitation is innovation.
  • Real connections are created through giving your audience limitless information, genuine empathy, and deep emotion....


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Overexposure means being utterly connected with and open about what makes you, you. By overexposing yourself, your ideas, your products, and your services, you allow audiences unfiltered access to your true intentions—the how, what, and why of what you are doing. So, if you want to connect, take ...


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Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes

  • The people of Iceland are consistently ranked the happiest in the world, in large part because the culture doesn’t stigmatize failure, and its citizens feel free to try things and do what they enjoy without worrying about making mistakes.
  • Don’t hide your imperfections or look to “min...


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Self Obsession

  • Human beings are programmed to think about themselves and to enjoy sharing their self-obsession with the world.
  • A scientific study has shown that we find talking about ourselves more rewarding than earning a small sum of money for keeping quiet. 
  • Taking about ourselves fire u...


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The Endowment Effect

  • People already place a higher value on items after they own them—a phenomenon called “the endowment effect”—but when adding the emotional attachment, the value increases exponentially.
  • Know who you are and what you believe in, and inject this personality and perspective into your pro...


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You only lose what you cling to.



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The six principles of SELFIE will maximize the effect of everything—your personal brand, product innovation, policy initiatives, and marketing campaigns. Your ideas will break through and catch on like wildfire.

  3. LEAD
  4. FLAWS


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Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.



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The Power Of Why

  • The fear of failure is one of our greatest motivators, so embrace it.
  • If you are totally on board with your why, then you will attract the most valuable fans.
  • Use your haters as your motivators. Communities come together around both love and hate.
  • Stories stimulate th...


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Flaws And Hate

  • Creatively Contradict Yourself
  • In today’s world, secrets are no longer sexy; transparency is.
  • Perfection is over. Flawed is the new fascinating.
  • Listen to your haters and—more importantly—learn from them.
  • MRIs show that hate activates the same area of the brai...


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Authentically Engage With People

  • People align with organizations that aim to authentically engage with them, for example, by demonstrating socially responsible behavior or doing something significant for people and the planet.(Melon Tusk)
  • Don’t just share your successes but your setbacks too. The more awkward your d...


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"A good idea should be like a girl's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

The Kim Kardashian Principle teaches you that empathy for yourself and standing up for what you truly believe in are essential in order to connect with audiences…..


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