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Premeditatio Malorum

Thinking Worst, Ending with the Best. If you prepare for the worst disaster prior, then it is likely that you will escape the Devils Triangle easily.

This is used to avoid procrastination, as to when our mind needs break we could schedule it likely to our terms.


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An inevitable search for Attitude, Psychology and Startups

Good Morning!!!

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How To Stop Wasting Time

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Creating a productive schedule

Avoiding procrastination

Prioritizing tasks effectively

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Negative visualization

Prepare for the worst; hope for the best.

There's actually a lot of peace of mind to be gained in thinking carefully and in detail and consciously about how badly things could go. You might actually find that your fears were exaggerated.

Anti-goals and anticipating the worst

  • Anti-goals stem from the concept of inversion or ‘premeditatio malorum’ used by the stoics.
  • Premeditatio malorum was used to envision worst case scenarios: anticipating situations of complete failure helps us to prepare mentally and also to see wha...

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Take control of your time

Your calendar and inbox can either be your best friends or your worst enemies—it all depends on how you use them:

  • schedule 30-minute open blocks of time into your calendar every day (to each lunch, deal with something urgent or simply for taking a break).
  • set specific times to ...

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