11. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of eye contact. - Deepstash

11. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of eye contact.

If you want to make a great first impression with a potential love interest or get someone's sympathy, focus on their eye color; intense eye-contact can be effective in building trust and connection with another person.


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13 Psychological Tricks To Gain Control Of Any Situation

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Practice making eye contact

Eye contact is something you can practice and get good at.

  • If making eye contact with strangers is too difficult, start with people you feel comfortable with. Learn to look into your best friend's eyes when they tell you about their day, not at their ears or the wall behind them.

"Psychology love eye trick"

A “psychology love eye trick” that will supposedly help you make your love interest fall in love with you.

In a viral post, TikTok user Sophie-Rose Lloyd demonstrated the triangular eye movement called the “love triangle,” necessary to pull off the trick.

Once you’re on a one-on-one w...

4. Frequent and Longer Eye Contact

If someone who is into makes eye contact with you, they look longer with great intensity as if they are making an effort to really try and speak to you telepathically with just their gaze. There is also a not-so-ironic intensity in the eye contact i.e. instead of a casual nod, the person might tr...

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