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“If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are.”



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Having a ritual is essential for deep work

Having a ritual is essential for deep work

Despite the strategy you choose the important part to remember is the the key is consistency with that routine.

The difference between being in the zone and deep work is being in the zone happens by chance and after hours of procrastination but deep work is intentional and...


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Know how you spend your time

Know how you spend your time

We should track our habits to separate productive from unproductive time so we can spot patterns.

Adding routines and rituals to our day allows us to need our limited willpower less in order to maintain a state on unbroken concentration


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Achieving deep work requires intention

Achieving deep work requires intention

There are four strategies for achieving deep work:

  1. Monastic approach- this is eliminating all sources of distraction and secluding yourself like a monk.
  2. Bimodal approach- this is setting a cle...


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Quit work at the same time every day and leave work at work

Quit work at the same time every day and leave work at work

Cal Newport says that our brains need space to wind down every night. Newport quits work every day at 5:30pm, no work, no email, no to-do lists. 

It's important to set limits. When you know you have to quit work at a specific time, it allows you to focus more intensely during your working h...


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Productive meditation can help us stay focused

The idea here is to use any downtime, such as when you are walking the dog or riding the subway or driving to work to do some deep thinking. You might try to use the time to solve a complex problem--Try to see sub-problems and break it down so you can solve it.

You can ask yourself action q...


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Multitasking and distraction are killing our productivity

Multitasking and distraction are killing our productivity

When we are task switching some of our attention is still thinking about the first task so we are only half-focused on the new task. 

Having social media and email tabs open on your browser allows their notifications to pop up on the screen, which is enough to derail our focus

Todays ...


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I'm a writer obsessed with sharing new ideas in the areas of mindset, personal development, self-help, procrastination, productivity, writing, organization, and health & fitness

Deep work is an important con ept to use to maximize productivity.

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Who is affected by the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Who is affected by the Dunning-Kruger effect?

Unfortunately, we all are.

This is because no matter how informed or experienced we are, everyone has areas in which they are uninformed and incompetent.

You might be smart and skilled in many areas, but no one is an expert at everything.

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