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How To Have a Good Night

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How To Have a Good Night

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How to adopt an internal locus of control?

The best way to do so is by simply solving problems in your own life and then taking some time to appreciate the fact that it was your actions that solved this problem.

For instance, Let's say you're someone who struggles with falling asleep. So you do some research and find out if you get some more sunlight in the morning, not use phone 1hr before going to bed and install a blue light filter on your phone should drastically increase you to sleep faster when bedtime comes around you. Do all of those things and you find yourself sleeping 15 minutes faster than before.


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Then each student was presented with three more types of puzzles to work on easy, medium, difficult and extremely challenging ones. They found something very interesting, the students who were told that they did well because they were smart spent the majority of ...


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Study- Genius VS Hardwork- Reason for Motivation

A study was conducted where a large group of fifth graders had to work on numerous puzzles by themselves. these were very challenging puzzles but regardless of how well each child did the were told that they scored very well and better than most of the other kids...


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Internal Locus is key to motivation

Having an internal locus of control is the key to staying motivated. You must feel like you have control over your life and that you are responsible for the things that happen to you if you want to feel motivated all of the time


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Locus of Control

What we can learn from this study is a concept called the locus of control which is essentially the degree to which you believe you have control over your life.


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When you notice this improvement you need to say to yourself because of the changes I made because of the effort I put in that I am now able to sleep better.

It's that simple build up of belief that you are in control of your destin...


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On the other hand the students who were told that they did well because they worked hard spent the majority of their time focused on the harder puzzles they also spent a lot more time overall attempting to solve any of the puzzles which was a


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The kids who were told that they did well because they were smart were led to believe in what's called an external locus of control they were led to believe that factors outside of what they could control like you can't control whether or not you...


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I like maths, learning, reading and watching interesting stuff..

Simple and thoughtful concept "The Locus Rule" that will help you build Motivation.

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