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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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Understanding the importance of decision-making

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How To Become a Better Decision-Maker

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One Decision is not going to motivate you to become a better person, nor is it going to tap you on the shoulder and make you feel better about the wrong decisions you’ve taken so far. 

In contrast, this book will teach you how to go from the “stuck” feeling to “aha!” moments. It will teach you how to make better decisions by taking into account your personality and thought processes. 


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Top 3 Ideas From The Book

  1. Your assumptions and fear of the unknown are keeping you stuck in unhappy situations.
  2. Learn to adapt to the winds of change and keep an objective eye.
  3. People are valuable assets, and so is fact-checked unbiased data.


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Lesson 1: There are opportunities to discover even in pitch dark if you know how to look for them .

When you focus on the opportunities, you become optimistic and solutions-oriented. You start looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problems that are right in front of your face.

I know that sounds pretty obvious...


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Who would I recommend the One Decision to?

The 45-year-old person going through a mid-life crisis, the 30-year-old employee who wants to become more proactive in their life and climb the career ladder faster, or the 34-year-old late boomer who wants to learn how to take charge of their life.


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One Decision explains how flawed decisions occur and how you can avoid them by analyzing data at first, asking for fact-checked opinions, eliminating your biases and prejudice, and many more useful practices ...


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Nevertheless, reading it will help you understand where your thinking process goes downhill and how to be proactive in the decision-making process in order to choose a better life.


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You might think that you chose the wrong class or that the professor is not going to provide you with any valuable lessons. However, these are all products of a rigid mind that won’t try out things before opinionating. Keep an open mind if you want to navigate life more easily!


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Lesson 3: Before making any decisions, make sure to fact-check all your data and perhaps ask your team for a second opinion .

Whether you’re a CEO or just trying to figure out what to have for dinner, making decisions is an important part of life. While it may seem intimidating at first, there are some basic steps you can take to make the process easier and mor...


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One Decision Review

One Decision is a great lecture for everyone looking to improve their lives and actively shape them by making better decisions . The book w...


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Author Quote

Author Quote

"There's this thing about being authentic and if you just be yourself, everything will align."

-Mike Bayer


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Overview (Continued)

Although you may not realize it, the main obstacle you’re facing is probably your own assumptions and barriers. When you learn to let go of fear and prejudice, you become open to a large variety of opportunities and a life of abundance.


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If you can think of a few occasions right away, it’s clear that you too, just like the rest of the humans, are wired to stay in your comfort zone of assumptions. What’s worse, we then make decisions based on those predictions—but more often than not, those predictions are not based on facts...


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Another great lesson from the book is to learn the skill of adaptability . Life is likely going to push you into new and unthinkable scenarios, regardless of your routine. If you want to come out stronger on the other side, you...


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Lesson 3: Before making any decisions, make sure to fact-check all your data and perhaps ask your team for a second opinion .

Second, always base your decisions on facts, not emotions. It’s easy to let strong feelings influence our decision-making—but this is not always beneficial! Instead of letting feelings lead the way, try taking some time to reflect on what data is available before making any decisions that h...


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Lesson 2: A mind that’s trained to adapt to different situations and stay neutral can navigate life more easily .

If you’re not careful, you might fall into the trap of overgeneralizing. This is when you make a determination based on very little evidence and apply it to a larger context—like deciding that all women are bad drivers because one woman almost hit you while driving on the highway.

To avoid ...


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Introverted Extravert

One Decision - Book Summary

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Instead of thinking about only the next decision you will make, think about all of the decisions you are going to make about the same options in the future.


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