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1. “I am proud of you.”

This compliment is often reserved for big achievements, like a promotion or graduation. But the people around you wake up every day and try their best to achieve their goals, make a positive impact and overcome challenges.

So don’t forget to celebrate other forms of effort, too:

  • When they make progress (e.g., working on a challenging project or sticking with a new habit for a few days).
  • When they try something for the first time (e.g., a sport or online class).
  • When they demonstrate character (e.g., speaking honestly or acting with compassion).


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8. “You can do this.”

We’ve all struggled with gaining confidence, especially when trying new things. What we need during those moments is something that psychologists call self-efficacy , or the belief that you can take on a challenge successfully. 



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3. “Tell me more about that.”

One thing that’s guaranteed to make someone’s day: asking them to tell you more about their interests, feelings and experiences. Being listened to helps people to feel safe, supported and acknowledged.

Here are three ways to create space for others to open up:

  • Find out wh...


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So channel your thoughtful side today and let people know that they matter to you. Here are nine little phrases you can say to instantly brighten someone’s day:


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4. “I love you as you are.”

People have a deep need to feel accepted and loved. It’s important to remind them that they’re wonderful — not just for what they do, but for who they are.

Reminding someone of their value can take many forms, like:

  • To a direct report: “I feel lucky that you are ...


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You have a superpower that you might not know about: the power to make another person glow.

In fact, a study found that we underestimate how happy someone feels after they receive a compliment. As a


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5. “I am grateful for you.”

Expressions of gratitude start a positive upward cycle. A study found when you feel appreciated by your romantic partner, you also become more appreciative of them.

Gratitude even


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9. “You changed my life.”

Think about someone who has had a great impact on your life, but who you never properly thanked. Maybe it was a teacher who helped you master a subject, or a mentor in your first job.

Give them a call, send them a note or visit them in person to express how their support changed your life.


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*Point out how their work accumulates to make a bigger impact on the world: “As a therapist, you’re helping to solve our society’s mental health crisis.”


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2. “I see your gifts.”

Everyone has unique strengths, but might not know what they are. Studies have found that using your strengths is associated with living a happier life .

Show people what they’re best at so they’ll feel more conf...


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* Point out a recent win: “You did an incredible job presenting in yesterday’s meeting. I know you can do it again for this more senior audience.”


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7. “You inspire me.”

Who has been inspiring you lately? Have you told them so? We tend to keep these feelings to ourselves, but imagine how much it would mean to someone to hear it:

Here’s a helpful script you can use:

  1. Start with: “You inspire me …”
  2. Then add the reaso...


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6. “You are making a difference.”

Having purpose in life is associated with greater life satisfaction and better health . Since finding purpose is a long-term goal that can take a career or a lif...


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Introverted Extravert

Use These 9 Little Phrases to Instantly Brighten Someone's Day

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