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How To Have a Good Night

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How To Have a Good Night

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Put your PJs on early

If you’re not leaving the house the rest of the night, you are 100 percent cleared to put on your pajamas as soon as you walk in the door.

Hair can go into a messy bun, contact lenses can be removed, and the big cozy socks can come out. You are done looking like a human for the day.


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Enjoy a nibble of chocolate

There’s nothing wrong with having a square or little piece a few nights a week.

This will especially be necessary if you crave sweets after dinner.


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Plan ahead for said dinner

Weeknight cooking is always going to be easier if you plan in advance.

That means having the grocery shopping done for the week (no last-minute trips to the store!), defrosting necessary frozen meat, and building a clear plan for what you want to make.


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How to prepare for a good night: Stop reading work emails

Figure out a boundary that works for you (as soon as you leave the office for example) and stick to it.

If you have to, let your team at the office know that you simply won’t be checking your emails at night.


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Have some tea for a good night

Have some tea for a good night

Certain teas (like Earl Grey, chai, and some green teas) contain enough caffeine that they might keep you up.

But herbal teas like ginger and chamomile can help you wind down. Drink it for the sleep aid or just because you like the routine.


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Set a pre-bedtime alarm

In addition to your morning alarm, consider setting one for the nighttime too.

Let’s say you like to be in bed every night by 11 and it takes you an hour to wash up and really wind down. Then you should set your alarm for 10 and it will remind you that it’s time to get your routine sta...


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Make dinner

Make dinner

Even if you’re just making yourself a sandwich, there’s something rewarding, soothing, and just nice about making your own dinner.

You won’t have to spend any extra money, you won’t have to wait for delivery, and you won’t have to settle when part of the order inevitably shows up wrong.


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Meet a friend

Meet a friend

Why wait for the weekend to have fun? Meet for happy hour, a spin class, or a walk around the local park, or have some friends over for dinner.

You deserve to do something fun with your non-working hours.


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Watch a bit of TV

Just be careful — you do not need to binge-watch all of the shows at once.

Let yourself watch an appropriate amount and then turn off the tube.


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How to have a good night: Read in bed

How to have a good night: Read in bed

Once you’re all washed up and in bed, you can enjoy a little extra time under the covers.

Keep the screens away (because of the blue light) and read a magazine or a book.


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Make your bed in the morning

Make your bed in the morning

You're still not pulling those covers up before you leave for work?

You don't have to make crisp hospital bed corners — just do the minimum. This way, when you get home, your bedroom isn’t a hot mess.


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I learn how to love myself

People always talk about what to do to get a good night’s sleep and how to have a good morning. But what about the nighttime leading up to those things? Here are the best things you can do for a good night.

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