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Make Sure Everyone Feels Safe To Take Part

You can do this through mutual respect and mutual purpose.

  • To ensure mutual respect, ask: Do they believe you respect them?
  • Apologize when appropriate.

To ensure mutual purpose, ask:

  • Do you both trust each other’s motives in this conversation? 
  • Do they believe that you care about what they have to say?


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What's Trust?

Trust is the combination of ability, benovelence, integrity. To have someone trust in you, rove them 3 things:

  1. You have the ability to do what they arwe asking you to do.
  2. You care about them. Try to show them you are a friend. Y ou care.
  3. You are a man o...

What To Say

What To Say

When your are firm and prepared here's what you should do:

  1. Clearly state your idea or proposal, should there be any rebuttal of their end --
  2. Ask permission before disagreeing, so that it won't seem like you're being defensive --

3. "What's important to you?"

3. "What's important to you?"

When you know your partner is trying to make an important decision, ask them this question. Another way to ask it is, "What do you really want?

  • To understand your spouse's thoughts and needs, it's necessary to know their heart-felt answer to this question.

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