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6. Develop A Growth Mindset

6. Develop A Growth Mindset

  • Developing a growth mindset is the key to overcoming any obstacle. This simply means that we are in charge of our life and whatever happens to us, there’s always something good waiting for us after it.
  • The only way you can overcome obstacles in life is by seeing them as challenges that teach you something new about yourself or situations that will make you more prepared for future obstacles.
  • Be Open To Change. When we have a growth mindset, we believe in our ability to change and grow over time with effort and practice.


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The greatest wealth is health 🍏

We all have to overcome obstacles in life. Sometimes we just need a little push but other times we may need more than that. Below, we'll discuss some of the powerful ways you can overcome any obstacle in life and become a great person!

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Develop a "growth mindset"

The fixed mindset is when you believe you’re either good/capable or not good/capable of something. That talent alone creates success, regardless of effort.

The growth mindset is when you believe that anyone can be good at anything and that ...

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Have a growth mindset

People's core attitudes fall into one of two categories: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. 

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The growth mindset and change

The growth mindset shows that people can change, but it doesn’t tell you how much change is possible or how long change will take.

The growth mindset also doesn’t mean everything that can be changed should be changed. We all need to accept some of our imper...

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