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What is Self-Reflection

What is Self-Reflection

Self-reflection can be thought of like cleaning the mirrors in your home. Just as you clean the mirrors so you can see your reflection clearly and make sure you are looking your best, self-reflection allows you to take a closer look at yourself - your thoughts, feelings, and actions - so you can understand yourself better and make any necessary changes to improve yourself.


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It's important to note that self-reflection is not a quick fix, but it can be a powerful tool for personal growth, self-improvement and emotional balance over time.

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11. Self-reflection

11. Self-reflection

Embrace self-reflection as a tool for personal growth and self-awareness. Taking time to introspect allows you to understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors more deeply.

4. Promoting Self-Reflection

When people misunderstand you, it might prompt self-reflection.

This can be an opportunity to consider how your actions or communication style might contribute to different perceptions.

The Importance of Self-Reflection

  • It improve self-awareness.
  • It allows you to understand and see things from a different point of view. 
  • It allows you to respond, not react.
  • It facilitates a deeper level of learning.
  • It improves confidence.
  • It make...

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