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Reading with purpose

Reading with purpose

Instagram is full of people in love with their image of reading.

Reading for learning is not all coffee shops and cosy couches. Most of the time is pen and paper and rereading concepts that are difficult to grasp.

You read because you want to know more, do more, grow more.

You have a purpose.

You're looking for things that could give you an edge, that you could later use in your purpose.


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I'm a Deepstasher passionate about history, art and community projects.

We sometimes get lost in the process of reading. We go to slow or take too many notes. Here's how to read efficiently, remember & mix new concepts.

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Survival Tips

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Basic survival skills

How to prioritize needs in survival situations

How to adapt to extreme situations

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The reading habit: Succeeding long-term

  • First consider why you want to read more books. Reading should be enjoyable for you because you find them entertaining, calming, stimulating, and fascinating. Once the habit is set, you can also read other things you "should" read.
  • Change your surroundings ...

Tips for Revision

  • Give yourself time between writing the first draft and looking at it again for revision. A few hours can give you enough time to see it with fresh eyes that are more likely to spot trouble areas.
  • Read your paper out loud. Sometimes speaking the words help...

An Inclination to Reading

An Inclination to Reading

Suppose you knew someone of fifteen to twenty-five with an inclination for reading: how could you help to direct that inclination, so that by a gradual process it would be possible to absorb, over the next fifty years, most of the masterpieces of the world's literature? It would be difficult to c...

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