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Live by your Values

Live by your Values

  • Much of finding great relationships, great coworkers, great lovers, wives, husbands, is finding other people where your value line up.
  • If your values line up, the little things don’t matter.
  • “To find a worthy mate, be worthy of a worthy mate.”


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Live Your Values and Use Them

  • Use Your Values for Goal Setting. For each of your values, make a list of things you could do to put those values into practice. For example, if you wrote “Learning,” you could go back to college and do that degree you’ve always dreamed of. 
  • Make Decisions According ...

8. Identify Your Values

8. Identify Your Values

By knowing your values and how you seek to live your life, the criticism of others does not matter as much. You know your course and know where you are going. 

Discovering Your Personal Values

Many adopt values from other pre-packaged sources, like a religion, culture, or legal system. But, by adopting a value system without reflection, you make way for personal values that cause conflict between your perceived beliefs and the actions you take.

To find your own values:

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