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Developing your personal brand as a freelancer is critical to attracting clients and building a successful business. 

Your brand is more than just your logo and business card, it encompasses everything from your values, personality, and the work you produce.


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Branding yourself

Branding yourself means developing your professional identity to align with your values. A personal brand statement always begins with your values. 

Branding Rule: “Everything counts. Everything that you do either creates and builds your brand or weakens

Market yourself

As a freelancer, you are a big part of your brand. Consider how to market yourself. Think of ways you can set yourself apart from your competition. 

Don't just market your service or product. Most clients will choose to work with you because of you.

Name your business right

A very important step when starting to work as a freelancer is to actually call your business as what is: a ‘freelance business’.

These kind of words encourage your clients to perceive you as being trustworthy while giving you a better feeling of ownership.

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