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Have A Plan / Schedule / System

Planning in advance helps us to commit to it so we are sure it’s gonna happen.

Building a system means organizing your things in a way that will contribute to how you live and how you create your habits.


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Gabe Bult's rules help free ourselves from home clutter, which in turn can help us become better, more efficient people.

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How to Be Happy

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Create a plan around how you are going to connect with them.

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Set a Schedule

To make your habits automatic faster, plan them into your day. Do them in the same way, in the same place, at the same time every day.

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Have a Backup plan

It never hurts to have plan B through Z hanging in your back pocket. Preparing for a situation and planning for how you can respond if something goes wrong gives you a sense of control and empowers you to approach stressful situations.

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