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Sympathy, Empathy and Respect

Here is an unpopular opinion, empathy can’t be taught. You are either born with it or not.

Empathy is you saying I understand what you’re going through. Sympathy is you saying I feel sorry for you. And Respect is you saying I admire the way you’re handling this.

Respect>> Empathy>> Sympathy

It takes effort to find love. It takes effort to get fit. It takes effort to feel fulfilled. It takes effort to feel happy which is why most of us do not have love, fulfilment, happiness or fitness. When you give what you desire the most, you don’t desire it anymore.


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A Romanticist who is trying to understand this world by reading books. You can also follow me on YouTube, I post there quite often.

It is a summary of Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo.

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