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Structure the message: what?, so what?, now what?

  • What?: Your idea, offering, service, product
  • So what?: Why is it important?
  • Now what?: What comes next? What questions do they have?


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The 3-Ws: What? So what? Now what?

  1. Define your key idea or argument concisely. You should be able to boil it down to one sentence, or two at most.
  2. The “So what?” forces you to answer the question of why the issue should matter to your audience. Explain ...

Message Structure

Message Structure

The most important thing is to never lose your audience. By structuring your content, it is easier for your audience to follow you and you also know when to stop talking so that you don't repeat yourself.

Examples on how your content can be structured:

What does your audience want?

What does your audience want?

If you already have a few fans, clients, or followers, you’re ahead of the game because you can ask them questions directly. 

  • What’s the single biggest result you want to have? 
  • What is important about that result for you? 
  • What are your biggest challenges? 
  • Whe...

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