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Tips For Coping

  1. Prioritize sleep: If your goal is to get better rest, the first thing you can do is make sleep a top priority
  2. Practice good sleep habits: a consistent bedtime and wake-time, skipping alcohol and caffeine in the afternoon and evening,  and creating a comfortable sleep environment
  3. Assess your schedule: Cut out the things that aren’t important. If your daytime activities are leaving you unhappy and unfulfilled, let them go if you can
  4. Schedule time for yourself: focus on replacing those unwanted activities with “alone time”
  5. Start your nights earlier: Giving yourself this extra time to wind down


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Found the answer to my sleepless nights

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How To Sleep Better

  • Block out lights in the room
  • Avoid all handheld devices
  • Read any book physically like self-help for you or stories to your child
  • Avoid long afternoon naps
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  • Follow a bedtime and wake-up time routine even on weekends
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Tips for time blocking

  • Take 10 minutes every evening and plan your next day. Rearrange blocks if you must create time for other important things.
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Tips for a good nights sleep

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule. Create a sleeping habit by going to bed and waking up at the same time, every-single-day.
  2. Exercise, but don’t do it before going to sleep. Your body needs at least 3 hours to calm down after a workout.
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