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Anger 🤬

Anger 🤬

  • Don’t spend your time making other people happy. Other people being happy is their problem. It’s not your problem. If you are happy, it makes other people happy.
  • Anger is a loss of control over the situation.
  • Anger is a contract you make with yourself to be in physical and mental and emotional turmoil until reality changes.
  • Wisdom- Understanding the long-term consequences of your actions.


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"A good idea should be like a girl's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

Naval ravikant is an icon in silicon valley & startup culture. He founded multiple successful companies Epinions, angellist. He is also an angel investor, betting early on companies like Uber, Twitter, postmates and hundred more….

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While anger is often thought of as a negative emotion, it can sometimes be a good thing. It can be constructive in helping clarify your needs in a relationship, and it can also motivate you to take action and find solutions to things that are bothering you.


Understand Your Anger

  • Is your anger justified? Consider if you've really been wronged or treated unfairly, and what the real consequences of that are.
  • What does your anger tell you about the situation? When you think your anger is justified, what is your anger communica...

The problem with anger

Anger is an antidepressant. Awareness of this pattern of judgmentalness leading to anger serves to alleviate a painful emotion like sadness. We should take a closer look at our emotional lives.

Anger makes us passive. While you invest your time and energy ...

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