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To abandon the herd and live on our own terms, we must ditch the fantasies . It’s the only way to see the world as it is, master our destinies and start making them a reality. Nietzsche called people who do this “supermen” – those who embrace their non-conformity , aren’t afraid to be different and start living in a way that’d make them happy to live every moment again in exactly the same way.


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Introverted Extravert

Breakfast With Socrates- Book Summary (Lessons From Great Minds)

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How To Have a Good Night

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Improving sleep through mindful breathing exercises

Practicing stress reduction and relaxation techniques

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine

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Be Scared But Not Afraid

Being afraid is a constant anxious emotion that can break us from the inside, however, being scared is just a temporary reaction, which can happen to anyone.

The world has a huge number of problems which need solutions and people who aren’t afraid can work towards them. One needs ...

Types Of Conformity

  • Informational influence is when we are unsure of a correct response, and look to imitate others who we presume are better informed
  • Normative Influence is when we avoid a penalty or look for a reward by behaving in a certain way or agreeing to the r...

The fear of getting out of your comfort zone

The fear of getting out of your comfort zone

We are all afraid of new experiences, especially of the ones that require us to leave the safety of our comfort zone.

The way we react whenever this occurs has a big influence on how we live our life: instead of being scared, why not trying to embrace the new challenges with optimism ...

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