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Sometimes They Agree!

Sometimes They Agree!

Sometimes Both Can Agree On Simple, Fun Activities That Are Important. Like Eating, Sleeping...


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Video About Procrastination And How To Change Your Behavior By Learning More About How Your Brain Works ( BeProductive #1 )

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Nothing Is Better Than Something

Nothing Is Better Than Something

Planning ahead and filling our calendars with various social activities that are supposedly for fun, leisure, and pleasure can make them seem like a chore. Simple, relaxing activities turn into work if we plan and schedule them like an obligation, as it will take the same type of effort as ma...

Real Happiness

  • Social beings with a great network are exponentially happier than lonely people.
  • The intensity of one’s positive experience is not as important as their frequency.
  • Small things of joy, like wearing comfortable shoes, giving a lovely kiss to your wife, sneakingly eating som...

Winding Down

Certain rituals and activities can be done prior to sleeping, like dimming the lights, having chamomile and banana tea (rich in magnesium) and playing a relaxing game (not on a screen).

TV and phone screens are not a good idea right before sleeping.

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