Singing in a group and its wonders

Recent research has shown that singing in a group can improve not only your mental health but also your social skills. 

Consequently, when signing in a group, you can actually establish connections and have a feeling of accomplishment while being socially engaged in the activity.



Self Improvement


Music and happiness

When singing in a group, participants seem to be able to both relax and connect to each other. 

Their mood is strongly influenced by the song that is being performed. Therefore, lyrics with certain inspirational messages tend to find faster the way to people's hearts.

While recent research has shown that music has a strong influence on patients with mental health issues, this is certainly not a scientific cure. However, singing can still be practiced in order to ensure a positive mindset and an increased level of happiness and accomplishment.

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Singing and driving is good for your health
  • Music can increase antibodies that boost your immunity and protect your body against bacteria.
  • A 2017 study of choir members found that singing in a group improved a person's well-being. It created a social connection and cognitive stimulation.
  • Singing and driving is a fun alternative to meditating and other forms of stress management.
  • By listening to music, drivers can replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts through rhythm and beats.



Posture Belt

Wearing a posture belt during the first few hours of morning is good practice. 

  • Place the strap over your upper back and hold the ends in each hand.
  • Drape each end of the strap over its respective shoulder.
  • Cross the strap in the back holding one end in each hand.
  • Pull the straps so that you feel it in your trapezius muscles and secure the ends at the front.
Effects of music on productivity
  • Listening to music with lyrics is distracting for most people. It’s best to avoid it when working on tasks that require focus or the learning of new information.
  • Listening to music with lyrics may help people working on repetitive or mundane tasks
  • Classical or rock music allows people to identify numbers more quickly and accurately.
  • Ambient noise, or ambient music, at about 70 decibels can be the best kind of music for work productivity. But increasing it over 85 decibels hurts creativity.
  • Searching for the right artist can detract from workplace productivity but, once you know what works for you, music can become a tool for near-instant concentration.

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