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The Most Crucial Tools for WFH: Kindness, and a Piece of Tape

The Most Crucial Tools for WFH: Kindness, and a Piece of Tape

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Cam Show Colleagues

For the time being, put a sticker, some tape, or anything else over your computer's camera. Don't assume that because you can't see someone, they can't see you.

During your work meeting, you don't want your roommate to feature in passing in a less dignified manner.


Work-from-homers should actively remind themselves to be compassionate and generous with those who cannot work from home.

Many of our neighbors have to perform non-remote jobs that allow society to function. Others have had their income abruptly stripped away altogether.

Establish boundaries

  • Everyone in the house should feel that they have been consulted.
  • Your plan should establish people's schedules and preferred working locations.
  • Figure out a way to share common areas. Establish what is fine and what is distracting.
  • Try and have a break for lunch around the same time, so people can check in with each other and be a bit louder.
  • Once a schedule has been established, stick to it. Everyone can't change their plan because you decided to take a 90-minute break in the middle of the day.

Online meetings

You can use the time to rebrand yourself to your colleagues.

  • Remove drug paraphernalia from your immediate vicinity.
  • Remove all the garbage from the corner of your home that will appear in your meetings.
  • Place a few houseplants in the background.
  • Position yourself so that light hits you from the front, rather than from the back or side.
  • If you use Zoom, apply a subtle retouch filter to your appearance.
  • Don't bother staring at anyone's wild eyes. After you have evaluated your co-workers and backgrounds, watch only yourself.

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