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Positional Leadership

This is the lowest level of leadership. It is based on authority and position.


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A comprehensive and detailed summary on the book 'The 5AM Club'. I have divided it into many sections. Each section for each chapter for the ease of reading. The ideas are concise & informative. Do read it fully as these ideas are all that you need for personal development. You will find similar ideas in almost all the personal development books. To get Deepstash Pro feautures for free, visit https://stepwise.janakg.me/

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Leadership And Authority

Leadership does not need a rank. A leader doesn't need to have any position of authority to be a leader. The two traits that leaders demonstrate:

  • They go first, taking the risk before anyone else does.
  • They choose to sacrifice themselves so that their followers be ...

Misunderstanding leadership

Misunderstanding leadership

Leaderships is one of the most misunderstood responsibilities in business.

Many people confuse leadership with rank or authority.

Leadership 2.0

Leadership 2.0

  1. How you see leadership is obsolete.
  2. Leadership is not a privilege it is a duty.
  3. It is not something that depends on a title or position you hold. It is how diligently you do what you do.
  4. ...

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