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Don't Join A Cult

Blindly following self-help gurus is like joining a cult. We end up helping their mission and sacrificing our time, money and energy. It is better to think for yourself and not to fall into their spells. They are in fact business people, selling their products and services, and every word they say is a persuasion technique.

Be Your Own Guru

Self-Help Books are good occasionally if they bring positive changes in your life while joining self-help communities is best avoided as many of them can be Ponzi schemes or cults with mandatory attendance, which wastes a lot of time.

It is better to get into ‘action’ mode and follow some basic advice, and implement it, for example:

  • Serving and helping those in need.
  • Getting up early.
  • Exercising daily.

Motivational Consumerism

Self Motivational articles, books, and podcasts are catering to a market that needs genuine help, with things that are hard to do, like waking up early, or exercising.

Many self-help and motivational Guru’s however can get too carried away with trying to help and end up exposing themselves unconsciously. Basic stuff is packaged and reworded with fancy concepts and trademarks, making the user fall into the trap of ‘motivational consumerism’.

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