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How To Practice Meditation?

How To Practice Meditation?

Close your eyes, just notice your breathes. Without stressing too much. Just the inflow & outflow of O2 and CO2.

will post a detailed step by step process to practice mindfulness in your daily life. :)

Have a fun filled Day!♡´・ᴗ・`♡


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Today I want y’all to take a moment to appreciate whatever your grateful for & the number of countless people who’ve inspired you all along. Just close your eyes for a minute. Today & everyday let’s Appreciate yourself for striving hard. In the midst of all the hassle don’t forget to be grateful for all that you’ve done for your goals. A small step is still better than nothing.💛✨

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A Simple Meditation Practice

A Simple Meditation Practice

  • Sit comfortably. 
  • Notice what your legs and arms are doing. 
  • Straighten your upper body—but don’t stiffen. 
  • Soften your gaze. Drop your chin a little and let your gaze fall gently downward. It’s not necessary to close your eyes. 
  • Feel your breath. Bring your a...

Practice Meditation

Practice Meditation

This may allow your mind to let go of interrupting thoughts and get centered on one thing. Consider sitting quietly in a place for three to five minutes a day. Close your eyes and count to 34. T...

How to Finish

When your timer sounds, open your eyes. 

Take just a few moments to notice how you feel after your practice. 

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