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Find an activity you love

Most people can find an activity that they enjoy. It could be walking the dog, doing pilates, or playing in the garden.

Find the activity you like and get value from and do that.

Move more

Exercise is not just a workout in the morning and at the end of the day. One single workout can't counteract a day of sitting still

Quick hits of spontaneous activity throughout the day can lead to significant health gains. It can also boost your mood and contribute to positive mental health.

Avoid pain points and stretch

Sitting all day can drive lower back and shoulder pain. Typing away all day can cause carpal tunnel and strain the wrists. Some pointers to address these issues:

  • Make your desk and chair the appropriate height.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, touch your toes, or hug your knees while lying on your back to stretch the spine and get some relief.
  • Open up your chest to reverse some of the side effects of slumping.
  • Use a foam roller or arch your back to open up locked-up shoulders, chest, and neck.
  • Strengthen your core and glutes with bridges, lunges, or squats.

Unintended consequences

Unintended consequences

As we face weeks in lockdown, we seem to be sitting a whole lot more. Sitting for over six hours for days can cause a set of health problems. It can create cardio-metabolic problems and create issues with blood glucose levels or insulin levels, heart health, and disease risk.
However, we can take steps to avoid the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle while social distancing.

Schedule “movement breaks” 

Schedule “movement breaks” 

Set a timer once an hour to remind you to move. Get up and move your body, walk up and down the stairs, or take a brisk loop around the block.

The movement needs to be reasonably active and needs to get you out of breath. Afterward, you will feel more productive.

Eat intentionally

At home, we are tempted to graze on empty-nutrient snacks.

Maintain an eating structure. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nutrient-rich foods.

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