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The good and the bad of the social learning

In times like the current one, when we are all facing a pandemic that forces us to stay locked in our own houses, without any face-to-face interaction with a person other than the ones we share our house with, social learning seems to be the solution to fight both fear and depression. By means of different platforms that enable users to interact or handle difficult situations that might appear as a result of the current lockdown, individuals might become able to cope with this challenging period. However, one should always pay attention to the behaviour that is being promoted, as not everything that is done by a majority can prove overall beneficial.

Social learning

There are mainly two ways to learn something throughout one's life: by means of personal experience or as a result of observing how others react to certain situations. The second kind is what we call 'social learning'. The current epidemic is actually showing us how much powerful social learning can be in times of danger: we all obey the same rules, even if most of us have not yet been affected by the virus.

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