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Eating Is Weird Now. Here's How to (Kind of) Get Back to Normal.

Eating Is Weird Now. Here's How to (Kind of) Get Back to Normal.

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Eating Habits During Lockdown

Many of us have let go of our diet plans in the lockdown, due to the constant sitting at home, with access to the kitchen pantry, the fridge, and for some, the liquor cabinet.

The ongoing pandemic is providing us with a never-ending supply of stress, altering our eating habits. The health risks of eating more, or even less than normal, can be compounded with a lack of exercise and routine.

Mindless Eating

Mindless Eating

Processed foods never did us any good. The lockdown may be the ‘golden time’ to think about your mindless eating habits and throwing out the cereals, cookies, and boxes of snacks that are high on sugar and carbs while being low in nutrients.

Even if you stumble and end up eating junk food, don’t be too hard on yourself, and realize that it will take a few attempts to bring back normal eating.

The Importance Of Structure

The Importance Of Structure

Life has lost a lot of its routine and structure, with personal and work times being blurred. It is imperative to reintroduce that structure to get our habits back on track, with regular, on-schedule exercise, and normal eating habits.

Having a specific time for lunch makes us less prone to indulge in snacking just prior to that while having a specific place for eating provides us with a sense of normalcy.

Home-cooked Meals

Home-cooked Meals

It’s not a revelation, but a friendly reminder that home-cooked food is healthier than the frozen pizza bought from the grocery store.

A good, home-cooked meal is a joy to cook and eat, and provides us more than just nutrients. The social time with your close family will act as a break from your work-from-home routine.

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