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Ending 💗

Ending 💗

Hello guys!! I have multiple works I am doing rn for you all. Please comment for suggestions that I can add and your opinions on my texts. Idk if I can make another work not related to "how to" so comment about that. Anyways, Enviz out, bye bye (つㅅ・`)🤜


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A great reader and writer. Here is the full series: https://dsta.sh/FWYHadQzx6CXdzrK7

This course is my knowledge of writing, it focuses on a general area rather than a specific area. Mastering this art is powerful, since not only you will be good at writing, you will be better at communication since writing is expressing your thoughts and social aspects are mostly made of it. ✍️

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Stop Before You’re Done

When I have long tasks to complete—ones that will require multiple work sessions—I’m careful to stop my work at a place that makes it easier (and more pleasant) for me to pick it back up later.

For example, if I am in a groove and have a story going that I am enjoying writing, I intentional...

Powerful questions to build accountability

  1. Am I clear about my deepest desires and goals for my life?
  2. Why do I want what I want? 
  3. What else is possible for me this year?
  4. What am I making the feelings mean, and how can I take action anyway?
  5. Am I making excuses, like, “This is too hard,” or “I don’t feel...

Applying the Heart/Will/Head model to yourself

This model is equally valuable for individuals. The more you understand why you react in a certain way, the greater control you get over those reactions, enhancing the good and reducing the weaknesses of your own type. Regularly ask yourself these questions:

  • ...

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