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A goal is measurable when you can determine objectively that it has been met. 

You can tell if a goal is measurable, if you can answer how much, how many, and how will I know when it's accomplished.

To make your goal measurable, determine what metrics you want to use.

Going back to our brand awareness goal, let's say the metric you want to track is the number of followers you have on Instagram. An example of a related measurable goal might be to increase your followers on Instagram by 15% over the last quarter.


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SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

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Most metrics like a retention metric or revenue metric are output metrics. These are metrics you should should monitor.

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A case for metrics

A case for metrics

Organisations often waste time by pursuing conflicting goals. OKRs helps to focus united efforts as it is easy to evaluate progress when goals are tied to measurable results.

However, it can be a problem when goal-setting becomes an obsession. Common pitfalls to avoid:

Take thinking time

When you're faced with difficult questions, make sure you buy yourself enough time to determine how you want to respond.

Repeating of rephrasing the question could give you some extra time for thinking about how you want to answer.

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