Why you can't lead over email

Too many leaders are trying to lead by email. We need humanity more than well-articulated emails.

Call your employees and ask them how they are doing. Take the time to listen to them. Treat them like friends. They should feel heard at the end of the call. If it is a larger company, check in on your leaders, and lean on them to check in on their teams.

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The goal of listening is to make the other person feel heard. Listening is understanding where emotions come from, and it is not always rational. It is based on experiences and perspectives.

We all have biases and blind spots. That makes it essential to have uncomfortable conversations with the different races in your company. Vulnerability is the best way to start these conversations to determine if you do things right or wrong. Ask them to help you get it right if you have made mistakes. 

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Avoid coming in with a pre-conceived plan

Chances are you’re being hired to fill a void and address current challenges that have been highlighted to you. 

Do not make the mistake of coming to the table with a pre-determined plan based on these challenges. Take the time to learn the challenges and the extent of them for yourself. Encourage your team to be completely open with you.

Six Ways To Successfully Join And Lead A New Team


14 productivity tips from top business leaders

1. Set goals on a daily basis.

2. Do the hardest thing first.

3. Review your week every Friday.

ask yourself these 3 crucial q's-

Did I achieve what I wanted to achieve?
Did I personally need to be there for everything I attended?
Could I have achieved the same in a shorter timeframe?

4. Identify your most productive time of day.

5. Start with just 5 minutes.

6. Understand your priorities.

7. Set Boundaries.

8. Isolate yourself from distractions.

9. Don’t waste time on emails.

10. Optimize your communication tools.

11. Get some sleep.

12. Plan for tomorrow.

13. Create a routine

14. Automate manual tasks.

14 Productivity Tips From Successful Business Leaders


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"Failure isn't a necessary evil. In fact, it isn't evil at all. It is a necessary consequence of doing something new.

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