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The Top Three Essentials for Daily Improvement

Spend Time Reflecting

To improve and grow, reflection is necessary. Start and end each day reviewing outcomes. Ask yourself:

  • What went well today? How can I repeat these results?
  • What challenges did I face? How can I change my actions to get better results in the future?
  • Was I able to complete everything I needed to? If not, do I have a plan going into tomorrow?
  • Does my routine seem to be working or does it need to change? How can I make it better?



The “health halo” effect
The “health halo” effect

It occurs when food that has some healthy qualities is seen as being virtuous in all respects.

For example, many people think that organic foods are healthier because t...

Food-related behaviors, influenced by the health halo effect

Many people fall victim to a health aura of some foods:

  • Fitness branding may make dieters eat more and exercise less. In one study, people trying to lose weight consumed more trail mix when the package labeled it as a "fitness" snack. The participants also exercised less when they were offered the "fitness" snack.
  • Another study found that people who brought reusable shopping bags bought more organic foods, but they also chose more "indulgent " foods, like candy and chips.

To avoid being influenced by the health halo effect, ignore buzzwords, slogans, and images that make foods appear more healthful than they are.

"May the fourth be with you"
"May the fourth be with you"

"May the fourth be with you" plays on the phrase in Star Wars "may the Force be with you."

"May the fourth be with you" was popularized by Margaret Thatche...

Becoming a slogan

The pun on "May the Force be with you" has been used a number of times over the years.

Once In 2008, a Facebook group celebrated "Luke Skywalker Day" and adopted the May the Fourth slogan. Since then, May 4 has been a regular fandom celebration. In 2013, Disney also joined in the celebration.