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The Top Three Essentials for Daily Improvement

The Top Three Essentials for Daily Improvement


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Break Down Your Life Into Categories

Break Down Your Life Into Categories

Life is more manageable when things are broken down. On a daily basis, it is helpful to break life into four categories:

  • Health. Without proper health, other categories are harder to maintain. Prepare healthy meals and make time to exercise.
  • Wealth. Wealth can mean things such as a career, business, or investing. Create a budget or design an investing strategy.
  • Love. Set time each day to enjoy your significant other, calling a loved one or journaling.
  • Happiness. Set time aside to do something that makes you happy. Some people enjoy a walk in nature. Others would rather paint or do another hobby.


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Multitasking Never Turns Out Well

With all the tasks on your plate, it might seem tempting to jump from one task to another, but doing so often creates a bigger time expense.

To ensure that you complete the most important activities, you need to set priorities. Choose four or five things you have to do to feel accomplished, then rank them in order of importance and do one at a time.


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Spend Time Reflecting

To improve and grow, reflection is necessary. Start and end each day reviewing outcomes. Ask yourself:

  • What went well today? How can I repeat these results?
  • What challenges did I face? How can I change my actions to get better results in the future?
  • Was I able to complete everything I needed to? If not, do I have a plan going into tomorrow?
  • Does my routine seem to be working or does it need to change? How can I make it better?


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"May the fourth be with you"

"May the fourth be with you"

"May the fourth be with you" plays on the phrase in Star Wars "may the Force be with you."

"May the fourth be with you" was popularized by Margaret Thatche...

Becoming a slogan

The pun on "May the Force be with you" has been used a number of times over the years.

Once In 2008, a Facebook group celebrated "Luke Skywalker Day" and adopted the May the Fourth slogan. Since then, May 4 has been a regular fandom celebration. In 2013, Disney also joined in the celebration.

Don't flow with the mainstream

Don't flow with the mainstream

Moving away from analogy = Removing iterative steps based on other or older experiences and biases and prejudices

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Determination. Do something that you have willingly chosen to do. Have a sense of autonomy and self-empowerment.

Bring on companions. Shared memories and experiences are far stronger motivating factors.

Be impatient. achieve your goals as quickly as you can.

Stay curious. Do not just dream, but see the benefits for yourself.

Avoidance. Make the most out of your time and win the final pay off.

Applying the First Principles Thinking

Identify the Problem

What is something that I want to change in my life?

Deconstruct the Problem

What are the causes of my problems? How does it affect my life?

Solve the Problem

Start creating your new framework. You could think of multiple ways to achieve your goals easily.

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