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People rely too much on self-discipline

People rely too much on self-discipline

 ....and eschew forming useful habits. Instead, they set unrealistic drastic goals that and then become frustrated when they make little to no progress towards them. 

Goals mindset vs. Habits mindset

  • Goals are a one-time bargain. They are the spending mindset. 
  • Habits are an investing mindset. Habits require one to invest one’s efforts for a little while and then take the rewards of that effort and re-invest them in a greater effort to form even better habits.

6 Fundamental Daily Habits

6 Fundamental Daily Habits

1. Exercise: benefits for mental and physical health.

2. Cooking: benefits in controlling what and when you eat.

3. Meditation: increased focus, improved self-awareness, better mental health.

4.Reading: benefits in interpersonal relationships.

5. Writing: writing well is one of the most important life skills in the 21st century.

6. Socializing: being alone can be just as bad for your physical health as obesity or heavy smoking.

Goals sound much sexier in our head than habits

  • Goals: there’s a clear image of a certain result in our head and that gets us more excited in the moment;
  • Habits: are long-term and repetitive - they seem boring. And there’s no clear image one can imagine for “going to the gym every morning for a year”.

Keystone habits

Keystone habits

Some habits make other positive habits much easier to acquire as well. ad once adopted, will reverberate into other areas of your life. These are sometimes referred to as “keystone habits.” 

2 mindsets of building wealth

2 mindsets of building wealth

  • Spending mindset: People who stay poor or middle class see money as something to be spent.
  • Investing mindset: People who become rich see money as something to be invested.

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