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The Four Stages Of Knowledge

The Four Stages Of Knowledge

  1. Increase the quality of your awareness to find the best seeds.
  2. Cultivate curiosity to sprout and strengthen your roots.
  3. Diligently mine information and build skill sets to grow your tree.
  4. Produce and distribute seeds of your own to reiterate what you (think you) know.

Knowledge Exists On A Barometer

Knowledge Exists On A Barometer

Continuously shifting depending on who you are talking to.

Treating knowledge as concrete (a noun)  suggests there is a specific point at which what you know becomes an absolute truth. When knowledge becomes a process, a fluid verb instead of a concrete noun, our worldview changes.

Knowing more about a subject doesn’t necessarily mean that you are right. We need to be able to measure the quality of information we possess.

Attentional Capital (AC)

Attentional Capital (AC)

Attentional Capital is a measurement used to calculate how we arrive at a place of knowledge.

  • A high AC: you have obtained your information through focused and objective research and would be open to changing your position if presented with sufficient evidence.
  • A low AC: you reactively believe whatever comes across your news feed and hold onto your beliefs in a dogmatic and tribal manner.

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