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Our Natural Internal Thermostat

Our mental alertness, mood, stress, hunger levels, heart mechanism, and immunity are controlled by the various rhythms synced to the thermostat-like biological clock in our body.

Circadian rhythms control our eating habits, body temperature, digestion, hormone levels, resulting in a huge impact on our overall health. Any interruption in our circadian rhythm can lead to many health conditions known as lifestyle diseases.


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3 Types Of Biological Rhythms

3 Types Of Biological Rhythms

  1. Circadian Rhythms: biological cycles that occur about every twenty-four hours. Sleep follows a circadian rhythm. Hormone secretion, blood pressure, body temperature, and urine production also have circadian rhythms.
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Our Internal Biological Clock

Our Internal Biological Clock

  • If we want to get more out of each day, we might need to consider synchronizing with our own internal body clock, working according to our peak periods of creativity, energy and activity.
  • Our biological clock controls most of our body’s functions...

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