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Forget time management. Master this to meet all your productivity goals

Attention Management: Individuals Vs Teams

  • Individuals can manage their attention by optimizing their to-do list and doing focus work with the help of curated tasks and flow-friendly work environments, and by not multitasking.
  • Teams have a more challenging time managing their attention as one has to take into account the inter-relatedness and interdependency of the group while having less agility. Example: In order for an entire team to deliver on a deadline, they would need to say no to requests from other teams for work that will distract from the main project.




Focusing On Self-Leadership
Focusing On Self-Leadership

Leaders spend many hours trying to shape and influence external factors such as processes, people, and targets.

Surprisingly, leaders would see better results if they spent more time focusi...

Leadership And Self-Discovery

When we get busy, we often overlook the subtle shifts in ourselves. Or we become so focused on the work that we don't realise when we move away from what we truly value.

Being the best leaders we can be require us to identify our values and then live and lead according to them. When you understand what is important to you, what energizes you, what you believe in, and where you want to be, you can make decisions confidently.

Self-Acceptance And Persona Responsibility

Self-acceptance is not about accepting your failures and carrying on exactly as before. It is about taking responsibility for your actions, accepting what is and isn't possible to change, then developing a plan to improve things.

Self-acceptance is also about accepting your strengths. When you can identify your strengths, you can leverage that to get better results.