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Managing Remotely

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Managing Remotely

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Mentorship is Key

When you're surrounded by great people, and they are providing you with guidance and feedback, you get better really quickly.

If your desire is to improve, surrounding yourself with the right people is the fastest way to do so.


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Underweight Compensation

Provided your goal is to make an impact through your work, income isn't a good way to do it.

Impact will more likely come from the work itself. 


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Alignment is Vital

Alignment or fit doesn't refer to how much you like the person, or how well you get on with your colleagues. It isn't "would I have a beer with this person?"). It's more your alignment with the vision and values of the company - how well do you understand how your company prioritizes, makes decis...


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Work For a Growing Company

Work For a Growing Company

Growth makes everything else better: it increases your impact, makes your job more important, and presents new problems for you to learn how to solve. Growth makes everything else easier. 


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Listen more than you speak

Socially intelligent people give the person they are speaking with their whole attention.

The fastest way for people to like you is by showing them that you like them. You can do that by really listening to what they are saying. Ask questions and listen. You may be surpris...

Desire  is separate from enjoyment

Desire is separate from enjoyment

What we desire, we may not really enjoy. The more you deprive people of something they want, the more they'll desire it, but if they do eventually get it, they'll value it less.

The concept of desire and enjoyment is receiving support from...

8) Connect with creative people.

8) Connect with creative people.

Surrounding yourself with people with whom you can share and get feedback on your ideas and opinions is not only good for your creativity, it's good for your career.

Not only can creative people give you feedback on your projects, their own drive will keep you motivated to do your best work...

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