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Managing People

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Respond In A New Way

Life will only get better when we respond to it in a better way.

We need to respond better towards our life situations, as that is also part of our growth, learning, and the wisdom we have attained. Life is not static, and neither should be our response towards it. Our weapons are our ability to pause and witness life, and the choice we have over our response.


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Relive A Bad Situation And Review It

Revisiting our past for a specific bad situation can sound like something that will stir your negative emotions. Even if it does, one can see that there has been undue self-blame, and other feelings bottled up in that memory, which need to be released.

We need to think better about our pas...


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Embracing Your Grief

Grief, especially when it concerns losing a loved one, is a burden that is devastating, but can be an anchor for our self-healing and growth in the long run.

One can slowly get over the pain of the loved one and use constant memory as a driver towards a better life.


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Unexpected Endings: Be Aware, And Let Go

  • We all have a past that may have moments of anger, sadness, frustration, regret and other painful emotions, but we can either delve into it and feel bad, or can watch it closely, being aware of the same, and learn to let go of it, living in the present moment instead.
  • We are not vi...


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Focus On Love And Hope

Whatever miserable situations have arisen due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting hardships like disease, loneliness, loss of job, or loss of a loved one, is not a reason to give up, or to cloud your vision.

There is love, hope and self-care that is still there. If you are alive and ...


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An Unexpected Ending -> A New Beginning

An Unexpected Ending -> A New Beginning

When we see that our plans, relationships or assets have been swept away by some crisis, we normally feel worried, overwhelmed, disappointed and even go into depression.

When we attach ourselves to things, ideals, fantasies and other people's expectations, we are bound to feel like it’s th...


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Comfort Stands In The Way of Growth

Our comfort zone stands in the way of our growth and learning. The only way to conquer fear is to push yourself into uncomfortable situations.

Even small tasks that make you uncomfortable gets the momentum going towards bigger challenges.

Final Message

Final Message

Forgiveness frees us from the pain we hold so close that it damages our physical and mental wellbeing, along with our happiness.

Bad things can't always be prevented, you have the choice on how you respond and shape your life for the better.

Advantages of the Coach

Advantages of the Coach

  1. If we do it, we get better: we don't get many guarantees in life, but this is one of them. My clients get better if they listen to me, they don't if they do nothing.
  2. We get better faster: you will get more efficient at the process of getting better. We recognize th...

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